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Discover the magic of wild plants and the importance of diversity of diet

Prior to the age of agriculture, humans were hunter-gathers and ate anything they could get their hands on. Because of this, we are wired on a genetic level to eat a huge diversity of plants. This diversity of diet is one of the keys to great health, and yet most of us ignore the most flavorful, nutritious, and abundant plants growing right in our backyard.

Brett Mayette’s inspiring, uncomplicated talk will demystify the benefits of wild forage plants and their benefits in a modern diet. Over the course of 90 minutes, he will share lessons learned from practicing this healthy lifestyle surrounded by 30 acres of farmland in West Greenwich. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of this subject matter is sure to enlighten and inspire any group.


Brett Mayette is the founder of Conscious Cuisine, and a passionate cook, organic grower, forager, and herbalist for over 20 years.

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