Cooking Classes

Learn to identify and cook with wild plants, roots, and sea vegetables

Participants need only bring their imaginations and their appetites for this engaging, educational, and satiating class. Beginning with a short weed walk, we will review the basics of foraging and identify commonplace wild plants. Afterward, Brett Mayette will lead the class through a communal cooking exercise focusing on the innumerable ways wild plants and sea vegetables can be incorporated into an everyday diet.

Participants will enjoy a lively discussion on diversity of diet and preventative health, while enjoying simple, delicious foods such as scrambled eggs and stinging nettles, wild greens feta filo dough pie, sautéed root medleys, wild plant pesto, sea vegetable miso soup, and more. This 3-hour class is more than a demonstration, it’s a hands-on exercise that will teach you how to integrate wild plants into your diet.


Brett Mayette is the founder of Conscious Cuisine, and a passionate cook, organic grower, forager, and herbalist for over 20 years.

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