About Conscious Cuisine & Brett Mayette

Five decades into my life, and I still wake up excited to get my hands dirty with the weeds.

I’m Brett Mayette, and I’ve been a passionate cook, organic grower, forager, and herbalist for over 20 years.

The more I learn about biological life, the more reverence I have for its beauty and complexity. My mission – and that of my company, Conscious Cuisine – is to help you discover and incorporate the wonders of wild plants into your life – without being a professional chef or even a nutrition expert.

We understand that most people won’t eat a dandelion root unless it’s washed, chopped, and cooked in front of their eyes. That’s why we focus on hands-on, practical lessons to get you familiar with the nutritional wonders growing in your backyard. And for those of you who just want to skip to the part where you eat delicious wild plant-infused foods, we have you covered, too.

There’s no question that the fields of health and nutrition have an information overload problem. Our goal is to distill the essential principles of diversity of diet into uncomplicated information that anyone – from meat lovers to vegans – can understand and incorporate into their daily life.

Brett's Credentials

  • 9-month apprenticeship at Apollo Herbs
  • 6-month Clearpath Herbals study program
  • 15-year wild plants and sea vegetables cook
  • 20-year organic grower and farmer’s market vendor
  • 4 decades in the restaurant industry